There are lot of question asked by our clients the proper use of teleprompter , how to use and where to use. Whether you require or not discuss your events with us.Not only text but also videos is also playable . All is required is a person who will be the in charge of displaying the content in right time. Not every time , today’s electronic gadgets will help to manage the electronic device according to your needs. Stop worrying what will be the next slide¬† .

Why should I use Teleprompter ?

A teleprompter is a display device Рvisual text of a speech or script that helps the person speaking with an electronic. It can be used by a vocalist , speaker , kept in front of the viewers. Presenting in front of camera is hard and stressful so to avoid mistakes the viewers ask for teleprompters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the size of the Teleprompter ?

Actually teleprompter is a display device. Most of the people think that it comes in different sizes like television. The best size is 32 inchs.

I want to play videos and my presentation PPT ?

You can play both at a same time. Its all depend upon software. What is best. You can also view first then the viewers.

From how far I can see clearly ?

It depends upon the eyes of the speaker. But our device provide you the best view, its UHD , non flickering, text can be easily visible from the distance of 30 metes. If also not visible we prefer to zoom a little bit.

Do you provide an operator ?

We always suggest to our clients to offer us a person who knows much more than us about the program. During this kind of corporate events our technical team will help to setup.

Can I change the slides myself ?

Yes, absolutely . The device that is used has a high frequency so without worry you can change slides upto a distance.

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